Glossary of YTMND slang terms

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If you find something and don't have a clue what it means...

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Also Cocks
A phrase derived from the infamous Ridin' Spinnaz YTMND. Used in a non sequitur way to end a statement.
Alt account
Alternate user accounts, mostly refers to extra YTMND accounts made by the same person.
YTMND rules prohibit registering additional accounts and often users are caught with them and have their accounts deleted.
A contraction of "Am I right?" This phrase is used along with sarcastic comments.
A term used to describe "artsy", avant-garde YTMNDs that aren't necessarily meant to be funny.
A Site to Appeal To X
A term used in site titles, with 'X' replaced by a username, implying the site is in the style of or would otherwise appeal to that user. User tkx7 was the first to make these sites.


Abbreviation, be right back, (the) FBI (is at my door). Commonly used when pedophilia or other illegal activity appears in conversation. The term was born as frequent threats of police and FBI intervention were made during the YTMND Forums' raids on Natalee Holloway sites in summer of 2005. "BRBFBI" was first coined by Inkdrinker. Sites in this meme generally make use of Moby's rendition of the theme song to Mission: Impossible.




epic maneuver, epic _______ maneuver
Something someone has done that is impressive enough to warrant special attention. Intentionally used for comedic value when someone has done something entirely unnotable, or done something that could have been impressive in a rather shoddy or lackadasical fashion. This has spawned a YTMND fad of its own.


Short way of saying "added the site to my favorites list"
Some users also use "FAU'D" in the same way due to the odd looking V in the favorite icon: *FAV!*
Acronym, For the Win!, also. "For the Win" is used in praise of the choice of a particular image/concept/sound in a site, an epic forum maneuver, or some equally impressive action or creation. The opposite is FTL, which stands For the Loss or For the Lose.
Acronym, Fuck yourself and Die. Similar in usage to GTFO. See this YTMND
Someone who stays on the front page without ever bothering to visit the forums or the other parts of the site.


Acronym, get the fuck out. Veteran forum members often use this phrase to quickly dismiss a new user upon the latter's first post.


A technique that involves using an image editing program to cut out the head of one character and paste it on top of another (usually in an animated gif).
Horse Dick
Similar to the Hassan and NEDM fads, In a YTMND that successfully uses this term, a sound file of someone saying "horse dick" is edited into movie clips in such a way as to make it sound seamless, as if it were actually in the movie, so the the viewer is taken off-guard and for a split second does not realize what just happened.
This slang is used in the comments of a YTMND that has been repeatedly dugg or has gotten an insurmountable amount of views. It reminds others on the site of the YTMND How to Prank a Telemarketer, the most top viewed YTMND on the website that drew much more attention than it was worth.


Lawl, Lul
The phonetic pronunciation of the abbreviation "lol". Made popular on YTMND by boomaga's reading of Neil Bauman's cease-and-desist emails to Max.


A term for pictures that have been altered with Adobe Photoshop or another image manipulation tool.


Often written in large capital letters and bold red font, occasionally with several extra A's and unneccessary punctuation (e.g., RAAAAAAAAAAGED!!!), RAGED describes a person who has lost their cool in a conversation on the internet. The forum or IRC user who succeeds in angering or "raging" another while consistently maintaining their own composure is usually seen as the dominant party in the conversation. The origin of this is probably from Final Fantasy VIII, in which one of Seifer's 2 goons says very little throughout the game. She is most remembered by saying "RAGED" and kicking another character in the shin.
Common internet reference to the browser standard replacement image for missing or broken links to images on web pages. A small characteristic X is displayed in red inside of an inset placeholder box, with an equally characteristic default size. Recognizable by anyone who has ever used a popular web browser for a long enough period of time, the red-x is occasionally used for comedic value in images, on forums, and so on.