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Original YTMND:
by Darth Wang
September 27, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

KHANTMND was a forum fad begun by DarthWang after the Forgot Poland Army realized with disdain that "Poland" was becoming mainstream on YTMND, and evolving into the same thing they were trying to parody. KHANTMND served and continues to serve as a fun and healthy spinoff to You Forgot Poland. DarthWang created the first KHANTMND and was hard at work creating a whole slew of them, as well as the rest of the FPA.

Unlike Poland sites, KHANTMND will often embed itself into other fad sites with poorly edited in Captain Kirk's and Khan's faces and will contain Kirk's amplified "KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!" as well as Khan's "This is Ceti Alpha Five!" sound clips. KHANTMND is not only a YTMND alternate universe, but is intended at the same time to ridicule the presence of an infinite number of other alternate universe fads. It is also intended to mock unfunny and effortless fad sites in general. YTMNOOOO, .9TMND, KOENTMND, NABISCO, VOTE5TMND, TTSTMND, FUCKTMND and LOUDTMND are other examples of ridiculous "alternate universe" fad jokes started by members of the Forgot Poland Army.


There was an unfortunate period when Poland sites were gaining popularity with mainstream users who didn't get that there was a serious ironic message behind it. As an alternative of fanning these flames with more Poland sites when YTMND was getting more and more knockoffs by people who didn't even understand Poland, KHANTMND was developed as an alternative way to make noise sites. In the first few days, DarthWang and RubilacEx created a large number of KHANTMND's, forcing the fad into life. Gradually, it caught on with other FPAers, and a number of high quality KHANTMND's began to surface. Eventually, a small number of sites by non-FPAers surfaced, but these had little impact.

KHANTMND's heyday was when Pale Blue Khan: A Khantheist's view was sponsored by Silenoz. A surprisingly large number of users understood it, but a few didn't fully grasp the concept. It maintained a surprisingly large rating for a noise site in "Recently Sponsored." Notably, it recieved a 5 from Whetstone, but it could be that he thought it was making fun of Pale Blue Dot exclusively as opposed to evangelical/antievangelical sponsored sites in general.


The KHANTMND watermark.

Part of the joke is the incredibly poor watermark created by DarthWang for the original KHANTMND. Since KHANTMND consists almost entirely of noise sites, this watermark is often edited in badly. The way it is made, it is designed to fit in the third corner (like YESYES), but the logo is often rotated to be placed in another corner (where the text becomes sideways or upside down, rendering it illegible) or simply sliding it into another corner, where it sticks out awkwardly. In animated KHANTMNDs, the watermark sometimes floats and jumps around. In addition, sometimes the watermark takes an active role in the animation.