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The rules of YTMND wiki are plain and simple.

  1. If we find you purposely trying to screw up the wiki, we will perma-block you without warning. Don't even try, you'll only prove how much you fail at life.
  2. This wiki is for info about YTMND; it is not your play wiki. You can use your own user page to talk about yourself. If you want to try out wiki formatting, you can use the sandbox.
  3. This is not Encyclopædia Dramatica, Uncyclopedia or any other humor Wiki. Do not post nonsense or stupid remarks on articles. If you want to write something funny, at least make it meaningful. Otherwise, you can go to the sites we pointed out.
  4. Don't promote yourself outside your own user page. Nobody cares about your ** YTMND. Breaking this rule repeatedly may cause you to have your YTMND site or account deleted. Information about a notable YTMND site in which the site recieves over 15,000 hits and **** is fine. If a user or event is known all over YTMND, they can also have their own article. Non notable articles will be deleted at any time.
  5. You must login and have a validated email address to edit. Anonymous IP bitches need not apply. Your IPs are still logged.
  6. YTMND's Terms of Use apply here too.
  7. Unless you have permission, please don't edit other people's user pages. Comments are to go on user talk pages. An exception to the rule is to fix broken links/templates or remove article-namespace only categories.
  8. Don't make accounts to make people think you are someone else or get around a block. Sockpuppets are for pussies.
  9. Don't be a dick by disrupting YTMND wiki, even to prove a point. This includes (but not limited to) edit wars and trolling.
  10. Don't take matters into your own hands. If you see a spam article or an article that otherwise needs to be deleted, use Template:Delete; don't simply blank the page, or else you could get banned. This rule doesn't apply to vandalism or spam on legitimate articles; you can remove that.