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Commenting on sites or news posts may be done through a regular submit or a reply to another comment.

General Guidelines

  1. Avoid being a Comment Spammer and try not to use internet catchphrases (LOL, fail, etc).
  2. Constructive comments will help improve sites far more than spam such as "1 star" or "you lose," so do your best to help others out.

Username Coloring

On site profiles users may have different colors for their names. Clicking on someone's name will link you to their profile page.

  1. Green: Your name
  2. Red: Admin
  3. Blue: Site author
  4. Pink: Featured User
  5. Brown: Regular users

Comment Voting

Comments may be voted on through the [+|-] buttons. Comments are hidden when they reach a certain threshold as determined in each user's Options menu.

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