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Asterisk marked fields are optional. For the old creation system, see the /old subpage. You must agree to the YTMND Terms of Service before beginning the site creation process.

Vitals section

Step 1: Vitals

Title: A short description of the YTMND. Example: "You're The Man Now". This title will appear in on your browser's titlebar, as well as it's listing.

Domain: The subdomain of your site; writing "yourethemannowdog" makes the direct link to

Check Availability*: Check if the domain is available. If not, enter a different one. Red.gif means it's occupied, while Green.gif means it's free to take.

Image: The image/animation that will be used as the background of your YTMND. Pick a saved image from your system. You can use either JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

Sound: The sound clip/music that will be used in your YTMND. Pick a saved MP3 or WAV file from your system with 11khz, 22khz or 44khz sample rates. It's best to use 128kps at 44khz in order to avoid any problems. MP3s with ID3 tags may not loop properly.

  • The suggested size for image and sound combined is 2 to 3mB maximum. If your site is larger it might not upload properly.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Line*: The text that pops out in your YTMND. 1st line is highest, 2nd is in the center and 3rd is lowest. The more text, the smaller.

Display section

Step 2: Display

Image display*: Select what style you want your background image to be displayed.

  • Tiled: Tiles the image so it copies to fill up all the background. example
This may cause a very slow computer to be unresponsive if the image is a detailed animated gif.
  • Center: This centers the image to the middle of the page. Make sure you have a background color which matches the image. example

BG Color*: Generates a different background color than black for centered or loading images. For example, #FFFFFF generates white, #00FF00 generates green etc. There is a color picker on the right.

Image text*: If the text of the YTMND should be used as an image rather than the JavaScript generated text. This is used for animated backgrounds to prevent them from slowing down.

Synchronize*: If you want the Flash Preloader be used to release the sound and image at the same time. Only available when using MP3s. Delay is time between image and sound start, in milliseconds. This feature is useful for many things, not just synchronizing audio and animation. Sites may load choppy or not at all unless the preloader is used.

Meta Data Section

Step 3: Meta Data

Description*: An optional, longer description of your YTMND. This will appear in the YTMND's profile

Keywords*: The keywords is for categorization in image search. For example, the first YTMND included Sean Connery, Finding Forrester, YTMND, you're the man now dog, etc as the keywords.

Image origin*: Write where/who you got the image from, if you want.

Sound origin*: Write where/who you got the sound from, if you want.

Citations*: If you'd like to backreference sites in the site profile, it's possible to do it now.

This is a classic YTMND*: Mark site as classic Picture/Sound/Text format.

This is a contest entry*: For official contests. Otherwise putting keywords with the name of the contest is obligatory.

NSFW checking section

Step 4: NSFW Check

This section is used to mark your YTMND as SFW/NSFW by yourself.

Some general guidelines about marking your content:

  • Don't put "NSFW" in your title, just use this check to mark your site as NSFW appropriately.
  • Failure to mark your content properly may result in site deletion or other punishment.
  • You may choose to let the moderators sort out the status of your site, but abuse of this function may result in disciplinary action.
  • Try to look around the site and see what content is considered NSFW in order to judge your own sites properly.
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