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Sites are the web pages of images, text and sounds that are known as YTMNDs.


YTMND watermark
Click the YTMND watermark on a site to open the site's infobar. You may also use the "# !" layout.

The infobar contains links to the author's user page, the site's profile, voting, keywords, and back to YTMND.
By opening the infobar the images on a site may play more smoothly. Clicking the watermark again will hide the infobar.


You can affect the rating of sites by voting.


Comments are used to give public feedback about a site.

Adding a site to your Favorites

Click the Add to Favorites button on any site's profile to add it to your favorites list. Favorite.gif
If a site is in your favorites list all of your comments on the site will show up with a rating of *FAV!*, but don't forget to leave a vote on the site as well.

Report a site

If a site features content that violates the YTMND Terms of Service make sure to use this feature to report the site to moderators.

Sponsoring a site

Users may choose to send max money by sponsoring a site, which will help others see it.
Learn more about the sponsorship process here.

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