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Allow this page to be your welcoming mat to the door of knowledge that is the you're the man now dog forums. Your current stopover is necessary to present the two forums we offer, and to explain their major differences. Please bear witness to the following:

YTMND Forums
This is the main forum group associated with YTMND. Come to talk about whatever you'd like, as long as you'd find it to be acceptable at the Cleaver dinner table. We, your key players here at YTMND, your big guns, your head honchos top brass captains of online industry, will do our very best to keep this particular forum and all sub-forums thereunder as clean as a geckos eyeball. Hopefully the people who like to help will gravitate here and be overly willing to assist you with any technical questions you have. Let's everyone come together and make this the Japanese garden of our lives.
Here you will generally find yourself engrossed in social incontinence. Nearly anything that's not illegal is allowed. Many young men, and some young men pretending to be young women, release their built up aggression here in the effort to feel noticed. If there could truly be an unmitigated explanation or detailing of this "community," there would just as shortly be a law against it.